Product Care

In order to reduce waste at our company, we have fully transitioned into Zero-Waste mentality.
When you order your pieces of jewellery from our store, your products will come in small plastic bags within a padded envelope with small desiccant bags that absorb moisture. By doing so, we believe that we can help reduce the total global waste produced by packaging material.
After you receive your products, fully inspect them for any damage. If you encounter any of your products with damage, do not hesitate to contact us within 30 days to receive a replacement for your product or a full refund.
Wipe it off before storing: Your jewellery can collect dirt, moisture and grime as you wear it throughout your busy day. If left on too long, dirt can speed up the deterioration process.
Keep it away from wood: Wood can stain or tarnish some materials in jewellery.
Keep air out: Moisture, dust and grime can travel through the air. The best storage option for jewelry is a container that lets in a minimal amount of air. Put chalk or silica packs in your jewellery container to absorb any moisture.
Travel with a jewellery case: Your jewellery is most at risk when you travel. Be sure to secure it in a high-quality travel case.
Keep it dry: Getting jewelry wet is always bad. It can lead to cracks, a lack of shine and water stains.
Keep it away from chemicals: This might seem obvious, but you can find harmful chemicals in lotions, perfumes and hairspray. Keep your jewellery away from these products.
Put it on last: To avoid chemicals, put your jewellery on last and take it off first.
Rotate jewellery: Don't wear the same piece every day. Too much use will wear it down sooner. Give your other jewellery some love!
Know when to take it off: Most people know to take their jewellery off before they go to bed, but forget to remove it when swimming, gardening, cleaning and playing sports.